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'' Rockwool Resin Bonded Slabs

          '' Rockwool Resin Bonded Slabs are made of fine fibers spun from selected rocks melted at high temperature and bonded with a thermosetting resin. The uniformity of fiber distribution, the diameter of fibers, the fiber lay pattern and uniform bulk density are unique features of '' Rockwool Resin Bonded Slabs and are controlled to form slabs of predetermined density and thickness.

          '' Rockwool Resin Bonded Slabs provide the best combination of thermal insulation, fire protection and sound absorption properties conforming to standards IS: 8183:93, ASTM C 612 and BS-3958B-5. These are a very versatile material, easy to transport and easy to cut, fit and handle. '' Rockwool Resin Bonded Slabs are designed for thermal and acoustic insulation of flat surfaces or slightly curved surfaces operating at temperatures up to 750° C. The Slabs can be used in cold insulation up to -50° C temperature. '' Rockwool Resin Bonded Slabs are produced from long, non-combustible resin bounded fibers with excellent load bearing characteristics.

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Applications : '' Rockwool Resin Bonded Slabs are designed for a wide range of applications at both high and low service temperatures. These can be used on both flat and slightly uneven surfaces for thermal and acoustical insulation of ductings, ovens, vessals, tanks, cavity walls, curtain walls, sandwich panels and industrial equipments. The Slabs can be used for insulation of flat surfaces of furnaces, ship decks and boilers. 'Polybond' Resin Bonded Slabs can also be used for fire protection and personnel protection.

'' Rockwool Resin Bonded Slab is used for building application like wall insulation and sound proofing of partitions and false celling’s, air-conditioning duct insulation and industrials insulation like chimney insulation, furnaces insulation, industrials ovens etc. Rockwool RB slab provide excellent acoustical absorption, Refinery Insulation, noise reduction & sound insulation. Rockwool RB slabs are used in acoustic insulation work for auditorium, theatres, public place and industrial areas where noise reduction is required. Rockwool RB slab is used in DG canopy and compression canopy, using Rockwool RB slabs dampens the sound and provide much clan & silent work place.

Standard Availability : '' Rockwool Resin Bonded Slabs available in wide range of densities from 40 kg/mᶟ to 150 kg/mᶟ, in standard size of 1000mm x 500mm. The thicknesses are available from 25mm to 100mm. Other sizes are available on request.

Specifications : As per IS:8183:93, ASTM C 612, BS 3958 B 5 or equivalent.

Service Temperature : The slabs can withstand temperature up to 750° C. The slabs can also be used in cold conditions up to -50° C temperature.

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Thermal Conductivity

'' Rockwool Resin Bonded Slabs has got excellent low thermal conductivity of 0.034 W/mK at 50° C mean temperature.

Fire Resistence

'' Rockwool Resin Bonded Slabs are non combustible when tested as per IS:3144:1992 clause 16 and Class 'O' to the building regulations.


Acoustical Properties

'' Rockwool Resin Bonded Slabs are suitable for acoustical treatment in industrial and building applications.


These mattress are compatible with all form of material with which they are likely to come in contact in industrial and building applications.


Moisture Resistence

'' Rockwool Resin Bonded Slabs are non-hygroscopic, non-capillary. They does not absorb moisture from atmosphere. Water repellent grade products available on request.

Compressive strength

The mattress are resistant to compression and excellent recovery after compression.


Chemical Neutrality

Chemical neutral with a pH value of 7. The mattress will neither cause nor promote corrosion.

Biologogical Properties

'' Rockwool Resin Bonded Slabs are Rot proof, will not sustain vermin and will not encourage growth of bacteria, mould or fungi.