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‘Polybond’ Lamella Mat

          ‘Polybond’ Lamella Mat is formed from strips of Mineral wool bonded on edge to a flexible outer facing. Lamella Mat is particularly suitable for the insulation of heating and ventilation pipe work and duck work and as an overly to upgrade existing insulation. Utmost care should be taken to ensure that the fibers are oriented perpendicular to the width of the two metal surfaces, in order to achieve optimum compression strength.

Polybond Loose Mineral & Rockwool


‘Polybond’ Lamella is used for thermal and acoustic insulation where high compressive strength is required. It is commonly used in heavy loaded sandwich panel, floor and roofs.

Standard Availability:

Size of Lamella : 0.5 mtr Length
Density : 80 to 200 kg/m3
Thickness : 25 to 100 mm
Facing : Plain / Aluminum FSK
Packing : Corrugated Box
Minimum : 105 to 142 kPa
strength at 10%

Polybond Loose Rockwool

Thermal Conductivity

It has got excellent low thermal conductivity of 0.034 W/mK at 50° C mean temperature.

Fire Resistence

It is non combustible when tested as per IS:3144:1992 clause 16 and Class 'O' to the building regulations.


Acoustical Properties

It is suitable for acoustical treatment in industrial and building applications.


These slabs are compatible with all form of material with which they are likely to come in contact in industrial and building applications.


Moisture Resistence

It is non-hygroscopic, non-capillary. It does not absorb moisture from atmosphere.

Compressive strength

These are resistant to compression and excellent recovery after compression.


Chemical Neutrality

It's chemically neutral with a pH value of 7. It neither causes nor promotes corrosion.

Biological Properties

These Slabs are Rot proof, will not sustain vermin and will not encourage growth of bacteria, mould or fungi.