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Manufacturing Process

          In the process of making Rockwool, minerals and other raw materials are heated to about 1600°C in a furnace and raw materials are heated until liquid. Volcanic rock, slag and coke are fed from the top of the melting furnace. The melt runs out of the bottom of the furnace and onto the spinning machine. The melted rock fall on highly speed spinning wheel. After passing the melted rock to spinning machine, the fine mineral wool is produced.

          The fine wool is collected on belt conveyer and the binding agents are sprinkled on the wool. The structure and density of the products depend on the amount of binding agent used. After this process, the belt conveyer passes the wool to the bake oven, which is pre-heated at around 200°C.

          The hot final product is further cut into required sizes and shapes and are packed in many forms, as per the vendor requirements. Off-cuts and other mineral wool scraps are then, recycled back into the production process.